Kingston, Jamaica:
Giving LIFE in the Caribbean
La-Dene F

What inspires me

Through digital ministry our geographic borders are constantly being extended and so is our global reach in exposing people to the Gospel. I am inspired by the freedom that I have to work with others in an effort to realize the Great Commission in whatever space. As such, I have developed a passion for using digital tools strategically. I particularly enjoy creating practical tools and resources that others can use in strengthening their walk with God. Because of its ubiquitous nature and accessibility, technology removes the barriers to the Gospel such as geography and language, among other constraints. I am amazed at how easy it has become to meet with people around the globe on a regular basis. It is always a pleasure connecting with others united for one purpose. The testimonies of what God is doing in their ministries, the strategies they are using, and the lives being transformed all inspire me to keep doing what I am doing.

What I’m working on now

I am the Caribbean Digital Strategies team lead under Cru Latin America & Caribbean (LAC). Digital Strategies involves the identification of methods, techniques, and the implementation of frameworks to connect others to Christ using digital tools and technologies. We are working on several projects defined by these goals:

Goal 1:Win-Build-Send innovation

Plant regional digital strategies teams in territories with a Cru presence and no digital strategies team.

Trainings for new teams that are just being developed. After vision casting, the Key Volunteers are challenged to formulate a local DS ministry plan to achieve the vision that God has placed on their hearts.

Goal 2: Indigitous

Our annual Indigitous # event generally occurs regionally during the first Saturday in the month of November.

Goal 3:Digital maturity

Establishing a digital missional community for the region.

Establishing 4 online bible study groups which will be based on Jesus Film and resources.

How you can join me

Annually our team works on a variety of projects; we would love for you to come on board with us. We are constantly looking for ways to improve as a team so that we can better serve the region. We welcome persons with a variety of skills; it is not a requirement that you be “tech-savvy.” Give us a gift of LIFE. Labour – perhaps you would like to volunteer your time. Maybe you are a person of  Influence who can connect us with others who would be an asset to this team. Finance is vital to the successful operation of even a digital ministry. This can go a long way in making posts possible, to organizing physical trainings and missions projects. Finally, maybe you would like to share your Expertise with us.

Get Informed

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