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Liam S

What inspires me

I am inspired by the incredible potential the global Church has to affect the world. I believe in the power of collaboration and counter-cultural, radical generosity of gifts and talents made possible through our fellowship as brothers and sisters united in Jesus. I am inspired by the immediate camaraderie among people from diverse cultures, educational, economic and social backgrounds when they are united as citizens of God’s kingdom.

What I’m working on now 

I am an Innovation Designer at OneHope. Innovation can mean a lot of different things, but for OneHope, we represent the organization’s dedicated capacity to learn. We have developed various methods to specialize in learning, synthesizing and equipping teams to operate with clarity in new and unfamiliar areas of work. Innovation is finding new ways to create value, and with rapidly changing world as brought about by technology and connectivity, we help people learn quickly how to adapt and respond to the changing realities that impact their work.

Stated simply: we help teams learn quickly so they can do ministry better.

We have 3 primary services, or methods of learning, that we offer as a team:

  • The first method is a sprint, where we have a design session to understand and ideate solutions to a problem, then build a prototype and test the new ideas with the target audience.
  • The second method involves immersing ourselves in a culture or context to get first hand experience, interviews, and observations, it draws heavily from Human-Centered Design.
  • The third method is an intensive focus on a specific area, where we research and learn something that the team we are serving does not have time to research and learn themselves.

How you can join me 

The team works on diverse projects every year, and would love to include you! We work around the world, facilitating sprints, doing research and observing culture and locals and would love to involve new people on our process to share with you how we innovate.

If your ministry is thinking about building an innovation team, we would love to include you or some of your staff as a fellow to accompany us on one of our upcoming projects. If you’re an individual looking for a chance to learn some new skills or use your well developed skill set in a ministry context, we always appreciate an outside perspective and involvement in our work.

Feel free to reach out, I’ll be posting opportunities on Slack as well. If you’re interested in staying updated, just contact me and I’ll let you know anytime we have an exciting innovation adventure to invite you on.

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