Bandung, Indonesia:
An evangelism assistant for reaching your friends

What inspires me:

3 things that I believe are changing the world: The Gospel, media and tech. Imagine what will happen when those 3 things are combined. I believe the message of the Gospel remains the same, yet the method must change or even be accelerated with media and tech.

What I’m working on now:

yesHEis, a global project of CV (Christian Vision), which is a mobile app to enable Christ-followers to live a life on mission. yesHEis is a personal evangelism assistant for any believers. Through yesHEis, we inspire, train, and enable believers to reach their friends for Jesus.

At the same time, we’re also collaborating with church & ministry leaders, media and tech experts within Southeast Asia to utilize the opportunity of connecting seekers to local churches in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia. Exploring how tech can enhance evangelism and discipleship eg: developing chatbots, AI, social direct strategies for churches.

How you can join me:

We always love to meet and partner with different people or organizations to dream to extend the Gospel message using tech. If you have an idea or just want to chat about The Gospel, media or tech then feel free to connect with me via IG @phodi or email or via Indigitous.

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