Cara Uses an App to Share the Gospel on Campus

Cara volunteers with a student ministry while attending a university in Southeast Asia.

While on campus, she talks to other students about her faith and she uses the mobile app GodTools.

"It's on my phone so it's always with me and it's very discreet." Having a conversation with someone while looking at a phone together is less likely to raise eyebrows than talking to someone while holding a tract.

“GodTools is very convenient for me for sharing the gospel,” she says.

tools that can be used for spiritual conversations lessons to help people gain the skills and confidence to share their faith new features to make it a more effective tool for sharing from a distance.

Do you want to have conversations about Jesus with people you care about? GodTools is an app designed to help you with that. The app has:

She knows him through a mutual friend, but they’ve never met in person.

Cara has another friend, Geert, who lives in Germany.

When Geert asked Cara about God, she called him up and used GodTools’ screen sharing feature to walk him through a gospel presentation.  Cara shared her faith and explained how God loves him and wants a relationship with him. “I told him to download the app so he can go through it by himself,” she says.

Geert was able to take his time reading through the gospel presentation at his own pace, while Cara prayed for him and trusted God for the results.

A little while later, Geert texted her with good news. “He came back to me and said, ‘I’ve received Jesus by reading the prayers on GodTools.'"

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