November 10, 2023

The false promises of big tech? Fulfillment, Redemption, and Control.

It turns out what we need is new clarity on old (read Biblical) priorities. Also, we should all grab a copy of the book God, Technology, and the Christian Life by Tony Reinke.

I Write Algorithms for a Living.  God Doesn’t Want Me to Quit.

There is a definite tension between a thriving relationship with God and being “plugged-in.”

Three framing thoughts help us to ask the right questions so we can stay grounded.

3 Ways To Merge Your Faith With Technology

By reaching a record-breaking milestone Facebook has defied expectations of decline.

Imagine if followers of Jesus used their Facebook accounts to connect with those 3 billion people? Imagine how many we could introduce to Jesus.

Meta Reports a Strong Quarter; Facebook Crosses 3Bn Monthly Active Users

We can’t deny the changing dynamics in evangelism and outreach efforts.

Despite differences in culture and denomination, it is always a part of every Christian’s DNA to share their faith. Churches can help.

How Are Christians Learning to Share Their Faith?

The Gospel was be shared 20,000 times in just 9 months in India and the Middle East. How? 

By taking strategic steps, including utilizing the Google Advertising Grant, we can go into all the world. Literally.

Digital Evangelism: Case Study

The biggest influence on the Great Commission by 2050 will likely be technology.

But why Christian leaders are overlooking tech? Here are four possible reasons.

The Technology Gap

In our connected and digital world Indigitous is a global movement taking the gospel to new people, new places and new spaces.

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