Crashing into a birthday celebration with my iPad

When I entered a restaurant in Cebu, I sat beside a group of 5 students. I then overheard that one of them was celebrating her birthday that day. I candidly intruded into their conversation and greeted Lanie, the birthday girl, by wishing her a Happy Birthday. She smiled and thanked me back.

At that point, a lot of people would have moved on, but I saw an opportunity. It is customary to give a gift to someone on their birthday and I knew of the greatest gift of all.

As a gift to Lanie, I offered to let the group watch a film in my iPad called the Parting Gift. They excitedly watched it and what followed was unexpected. They prayed to receive Christ!

That day, Lanie had received the ultimate and most wonderful Gift in the person of Jesus Christ. So how do you follow up such a wonderful gift? With cake, of course. Together with my friends, we made her lunch extra special by buying her a cake and celebrating her newfound relationship with Jesus.

Editor’s note: The Parting Gift is a 6-minute short film designed as a conversation starter for spiritual discussions.

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