Engaging and Unleashing Believers into Digital Missions

We are passionate about helping fulfill the Great Commission by engaging & unleashing Believers into Digital Missions through global events, digital-resourcing and community building.


Many Christians feel left out of God’s call to missions...

… so Indigitous invites them to be a part of a global community engaging in missions to empower the whole church to make Jesus known everywhere. 

Indigitous PULSE is a new video series where we discuss important digital missions trends and topics with practitioners who have their fingers on the pulse of digital ministry. The content is intended to inspire you to action, give practical steps, and help you take the first step in accepting the call to digital missions.

Explore about Digital Missions

Zume training

Online training for making disciples

Jesus calls all of His followers to make disciples in what has come to be called the Great Commission. But despite this, most Christians haven’t led anyone else to Christ and few regularly share their faith or have someone who they are regularly discipling. One of the reasons for that

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Spiritual conversation starters for social media

We spend a lot of time on social media, sharing about our lives, seeing what our friends are up to, and staying in the know about events in the world that impact us and those we love. In a recent episode of Indigitous PULSE, social media experts Mariana Pando-Romero (OneHope)

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Share Jesus by sharing your story

How to share Jesus by sharing your story

Social media is one of the primary ways in which we communicate with others, so it makes sense to use it to communicate the most important message we have: the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But how can you do that effectively? One of the best ways is simply to share

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Share Jesus by asking questions

Share Jesus by asking questions

The Gospels are full of accounts of Jesus asking people questions: Who do people say I am? (Matthew 16:13) How many loaves do you have? (Matthew 15:34) What do you want me to do for you? (Matthew 20:32) In total, the Gospels record 339 questions asked by Jesus. This is despite the

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How to use social media for God

How to make an impact on social media

Social media is ubiquitous, used by 3.8 billion people worldwide. It’s where people go to share their thoughts, share their food, show off how perfect their life is, and let other people know how wrong their opinions are. But can social media be used for something more? Can it be

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digital discipleship

Make friends for Jesus

Indigitous talks a lot about digital missions. We care about taking the Gospel to where it’s not. We believe that Jesus has called all Christians to make disciples, a mission that is often called the Great Commission. The problem is to most Christians that sounds intimidating. Your average Christian has

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