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Indigitous is about using our talents for God in the digital space. We are  a global community engaging with ideas and each other to advance God’s Kingdom through innovation.

Indigenous + digital

Our name comes from the fusion of two ideas important to us. Indigenous because it reflects our desire for locally-generated strategies that work in each generation, language and culture. Digital because we believe digital tools, resources, platforms and strategies can accelerate God’s mission.

Our Belief

Read our Statement of Faith.

Towards the fulfillment of the Great Commission, we believe we must help resource Christians and organizations everywhere to:

  • Offer multiple online opportunities to follow Jesus and become a multiplying disciple.
  • Lead through planting groups, ministries, churches, or networks of Christians where none currently exist.
  • Help disciples and teams to find, use, create and share digital media, tools and strategies in effective ways.
  • Collaborate with others across God’s global kingdom.

Indigitous connects you to:

  • People on a common mission.
  • Strategies that are effective.
  • Projects on the cutting edge of missional innovation.

Community code of conduct

In becoming an Indigitous community member, you acknowledge:

  1. We join Indigitous to learn, grow, collaborate and bless others.
  2. We do not promote personal agendas (whether private, professional or political).
  3. As Christians participating with Indigitous, we see ourselves as part of the same Body and therefore seek to play well together. (See our Statement of Faith)
  4. Dissenting views need to be expressed respectfully.
  5. Please contact others on the platform, but refrain from broad spamming of the community.

Partners and friends

Read all of our Community Guidelines, including the terms for Indigitous #HACK, here. Indigitous was founded by Cru.  We are energized by collaboration with the great organizations below.


Indigitous Leadership Team

Liam Savage

Liam Savage Indigitous

Liam works to make emerging technology accessible to the global church, and the global church relevant for children and youth. He serves on the innovation team at OneHope, bringing a background in theology, art, design thinking and entrepreneurship to his projects.

Reach out to Liam if you want him to ask hard questions and make you do more work, but overall, push you towards better design.

Twitter: @liamsavage

Email: Liam at indigitous.org

Simon Seow

Simon Seow Indigitous

Simon is a co-founder of Indigitous living in Singapore. Part worship leader, part chief catalyst for the Indigitous movement, Simon gives leadership to Indigitous’s In-person Community Experience (ICE).

Reach out to Simon if you are interested in starting or growing an Indigitous community in your area.

Email: Simon at indigitous.org

Jeremy Lukens

Jeremy Lukens Indigitous

Jeremy serves as Editor-in-Chief for Indigitous.org. He has a love for creativity and the arts, particularly writing, music, and photography. Jeremy is passionate about helping community members connect with each other online and connect with ways to use their talents for God in the digital space.

Reach out to Jeremy if you need help connecting in online community, have questions about our digital experiences, or if you would like to contribute content (blog posts, resources, videos) to Indigitous.org.

Email Jeremy at jeremy at Indigitous.org.

Russ Martin

Russ Martin

Russ is co-founder of Indigitous. A Senior Digital Strategist for the Asia Pacific with Power to Change, Russ is passionate about leading the global church in digital mission in order to bring the Gospel where it is not.

Mel Micah

A missionary in Manila, Mel is passionate about reaching people with the Gospel through social media viral campaigns, apps, and websites. He us currently working on an app for online discipleship.

Email Mel at mel at indigitous.org.

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