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Many Christians feel powerless to help people know Jesus. Indigitous equips you with powerful digital solutions and offline strategies that are resourced by our collaborative community. This empowers you to confidently tell others about Jesus and catalyze the spread of the Gospel to where it is not. 

This video from co-founder Simon Seow explains more about the vision of Indigitous.

Indigenous + Digital

Our name comes from the fusion of two ideas important to us. Indigenous because it reflects our desire for locally-generated strategies that work in each generation, language and culture. Digital because we believe digital tools, resources, platforms and strategies can accelerate God’s mission.

Indigitous is where digital meets missional. We believe that every Christian is a digital missionary. If you have a phone, you can share your faith. 

But if you’re like most Christians, you feel awkward about sharing your faith. You’re probably not used to doing it, don’t have a comfortable way to share, and maybe fear rejection. Well, you’re not alone. Most Christians feel that way. 

God has called us all to missions, with Jesus himself calling us to make disciples, but it’s not something you have to do alone. For some, digital missions means reaching out to your friends using social media or joining a Digital Mission Trip. For others, it’s about celebrating the story that God has written into your life, discovering a way of using your talents and interests to glorify Him. With our resources, training, simple strategies, and helpful community, we want to walk with you on your digital missions journey. 

Indigitous Leadership Team

Russ Martin

Russ Martin

Managing Director
Russ is co-founder of Indigitous. The Director of Digital Engagement at Lausanne, Russ is passionate about leading the global church in digital mission in order to bring the Gospel where it is not.
Jonah headshot

Jonah Jala

Digital Engagement Specialist
Jonah became a follower of Christ when she was 16 through a campus ministry. Fast forward two years after working as a software developer, God affirmed her of how He is using technology to bring the Gospel to where it's not. Realizing the breadth of the work and the depth of impact, she signed up to be part of it and helped build communities to use their skills and influence to help make disciples of Jesus.
Simon Seow Indigitous

Simon Seow

Lead Catalyst
Simon is a co-founder of Indigitous living in Singapore. Part worship leader, part chief catalyst for the Indigitous movement, Simon gets excited about helping to mobilize digital missionaries around the world.
Andrew Feng_bio photo 2

Andrew Feng

US Director
Andrew graduated from USC with a finance degree and started out at KPMG and then worked in the consulting industry for ten years. He served with his wife in E. Asia for five years. He also advises startups and non profits on strategy. Andrew is prototyping new pathways for digital discipleship via micro-projects. Primarily looking to help students discover their calling, develop their gifting, and incline their hearts towards the great commission beyond the four church walls.
Jeremy Lukens

Jeremy Lukens

Digital Content Specialist
Jeremy has a love for creativity and the arts, particularly writing, music, and photography. Jeremy is passionate about helping community members connect with each other online and connect with ways to use their talents for God in the digital space.

Priscilla Mageropoulos

Director of Marketing
Priscilla loves to discover new ways to use marketing tools and strategies for nonprofits and mission work.
Song Ye

Daniel Ye

User Experience Designer
Song came to the Lord at age 15 through a youth ministry that shared the powerful Word of God to him, and now he is committed to share the same Word to other people around the world. Song loves hearing stories from the global mission field, learning about challenges they face, and helping them to craft digital experiences to share the Gospel with every tongue, tribe, and nation.

Partners and Friends

Indigitous was founded by Cru.  We are energized by collaboration with partners all around the globe.

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