10 Reasons to Attend an Indigitous Digital Missions Event

indigitous waterloo

number 1

Make like-minded friends

You get to meet like-minded folks that are just as excited as you
about using digital to connect people to Jesus

number 2

Collaborate to solve problems

You will collaborate with other ‘builders’ (coders, programmers, designers)
to solve missional challenges, and to bring actual projects to life

number 3
Network with strategic thinkers and leaders

You get to network with other thinkers and leaders to sharpen each other,
and to innovate on field strategies and field effectiveness.

number 4

Refreshed with new vision for digital strategies

You will walk away refreshed with a new vision and energized
with meaningful projects that use your gifts.

number 5

Learn from excellent speakers

You will learn new things from our excellent line-up of speakers.

number 6

Think and act differently

You will be challenged to think and act differently, to get effective results in your work and ministry.

number 7

Hear stories of impact

Your faith will grow as you hear stories from around the world
that have seen effective use of digital strategies.

number 8

Be a part of the body

You will be encouraged by other followers of Christ who are not only committed
to the mission, but also faithful in employing their gifts to glorify Him.

number 9

Meet in a great location

You will experience the energizing and entrepreneurial atmosphere of meeting
in major cities – hubs of growth in the tech and digital industry.

number 10

Great use of your time and money

It will be a great investment of time and money for your own personal and professional growth


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