A Training Platform to Help You Make Disciples Online

Zume training

Jesus calls all of His followers to make disciples in what has come to be called the Great Commission. But despite this, most Christians haven’t led anyone else to Christ and few regularly share their faith or have someone who they are regularly discipling. One of the reasons for that is your average Christian doesn’t feel equipped to make disciples. They don’t feel like they have enough knowledge or experience, lack confidence, and are just not sure about how to get started. To help with this, Zúme is offering online training.

Zúme Training is an online learning experience designed for small groups to go through together as they learn how to obey the Great Commission and make multiplying disciples – that is, disciples who make other disciples. The online training consists of 10 sessions, two hours each. According to the website, each session includes the following:

  • Video and audio to help your group understand basic principles of multiplying disciples
  • Group discussions to help your group think through what’s being shared
  • Simple exercises to help your group put what you’re learning into practice
  • Session challenges to help your group keep learning and growing between sessions

The training is free, aiming to equip those who participate with basic training in making disciples and planting churches. Zúme’s goal is “to catalyze one discple-making movement training for every population of 5,000 in the United States and 50,000 globally,” according to the website. The training isn’t something you can do alone, but is made for groups of 3-12 people.

This type of training is vital to the body of Christ, but the pandemic has made it more difficult than ever to attend trainings in person. Even without a pandemic, though, there are always more training needs than there are available in-person trainings, which is why Zúme decided to bring the training online.  

The training course is currently in more than 30 languages, with additional languages to come in the future. If you have a small group, we recommend doing this discipleship training together. If you don’t – well, first of all, we recommend finding a group. Secondly, you only need two friends to join you to be able to take the Zúme training.