A Website to Help Missions Minded Students Do Ministry

If students are our future, campus ministry is one of the most important forms of outreach. Missionary organizations such as Cru and InterVarsity have long made campus outreach a point of focus, but what if you are a campus where there is no official ministry presence? What if you’re a freshman with no training or ministry experience who feels called to reach your fellow students? How would you even start?

The new website was launched to answer all of those questions. The website is designed to help student leaders lead their fellow students to know Jesus. To that end, there are a number of helpful resources, some (but not all) of which I will mention here.

How it helps student leaders

For starters, the website has a bit of encouragement and vision casting. It answers the questions such as “do I have to be a perfect Christian to lead others to Christ” (hint: the answer is “no”) and “how do I start a ministry on my campus?”

From there, you can find practical steps for starting a ministry. There is a section on how to find believers on your campus, which includes techniques such as face-to-face evangelism, advertising, setting up a booth, and more. There are articles on how to run your first group meeting, how to talk about the Gospel – which includes links to Gospel presentations such as Knowing God Personally, which you can find on God Tools – and what you should teach. The Resources page has a number of helpful tools for student leaders, such as surveys, flyers, the Spiritual Starter Kit, and more.

If you are involved in campus ministry, I encourage you to check out and see how it can help both the campuses where you are involved and those where you are not. If you’re a student ministry leader, I encourage you to check out the site to see if it can help you become a more effective leader. If you’re a Christian student with no ministry involvement, this site was made for you. Check it out, and pray to God asking how he wants to use you. Maybe you’re supposed to start a ministry on your campus, and if so, maybe EveryStudentLeader can help.