Being a Part of Digital Missions at Indigitous Mexico City

I wasn’t sure what to expect at my first Indigitous event. What I found was an energetic and diverse group of men and women with passion and vision to learn more about digital ministry.

In a word, it was fun. It was fun to discover that people came from all walks of life – pastors, students, professionals working in the digital field, full-time Christian workers. It was fun to hear their passions – storytelling, writing, photography, social media, discipleship, prayer.

It was fun to see people working long past the assigned time on a project because the creativity was flowing. It was fun to hear them share enthusiastically about their projects.

Indigitous Mexico City

It was fun to take 70+ digital lovers out to for a group picture and see how many Instagram posts resulted from it. It was fun to be part of something that feels cutting edge against the backdrop of Mexico City’s historical district.

It’s fun to know that this was just the beginning of these people engaging in digital ministry in new ways. It’s fun to know that we are not alone in seeing the vision of God using this amazing opportunity to send the Gospel places and people previously unreachable. It’s fun to be part of this bigger community of creative, passionate, motivated, innovative followers of Jesus who are making Him known in the digital world.

Editor’s note: Gina spoke at Indigitous Mexico City. You can view a recording of her talk here.