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Christmas Is the Best Time to Share Your Testimony Online

Christmas nativity scene in Chicago

Christmas nativity scene in ChicagoWhat’s on your Christmas list this year? If you’re like most people you’ve been walking around this month with a list of things you have to acquire for Christmas – presents for your family and friends that will be wrapped in colorful paper and placed under the tree. But what if you wrote a few names on that list, people with whom to share your faith?

[pullquote]No one is surprised to be invited to church on Christmas.[/pullquote]Advertising incorrectly equates gifts as proof of your love for another person, but consider God’s grace, which Paul described as “His inexpressible gift” (2 Cor 9:15). The greatest gift imaginable is given freely to all of us because “God so loved the world” (John 3:16). Even the best Black Friday sale couldn’t top the value of introducing someone to a spirit-filled life walking with Jesus, so if you’re looking for the perfect gift, this is it.


Whether it’s friends, family members, coworkers, or casual acquaintances, the Christmas season is the time of year when people are most open to hearing the Gospel. Christianity Today recently conducted a study on the times when nonbelievers are most open to considering matters of faith. Their research found Christmastime to be the clear winner (see chart below).

When most open to hearing Gospel

Apparently, Andy Williams was right. Christmas really is “the most wonderful time of the year,” but not just because of “much mistletoeing.” The time when your friends’ hearts will be glowing is a good time to ask them to invite Christ into their hearts. Between nativity scenes, Christmas carols, and more, people are being exposed to Jesus more than any other time of year. How will you take advantage of this opportunity?


As the pastor of my church keeps saying, “No one is surprised to be invited to church on Christmas.” Let that assurance remove any fear you have. You don’t have to be afraid of the awkwardness of inviting them and they don’t have to worry about the unpleasantness of going to a church for the first time, since they will be surrounded by other first-time guests. A Christmas church invitation is pressure-free.

The same principle applies to all outreach, digital and otherwise. The sometimes-uncomfortable question of “do you know Jesus” is considerably less awkward if asked while you’re looking at a scene of the baby Jesus in a manger. Talking about your favorite Christmas carol or sharing a Christmas-themed video are great icebreakers for spiritual conversations. Hosting a Christmas gathering at your home is a great way of introducing your nonbeliever friends to your Christian friends and discussing Jesus in a natural way. You can also lead by example through your service and ask if a nonbeliever friend wants to join you. You can find a lot of other great Christmas outreach ideas here.

We’re all called to the Great Commission. That mission is easier this time of year, when people are more open to hearing about God. So the question is: Who’s on your Christmas list?