Continuing to Work on Tech for Missions After the Hackathon

Indigitous SERVE Texas cohort

“There are three stages to every great work of God; first it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done.”

Hudson Taylor

We (Jeemin and Phoenix) are part of an Indigitous SERVE ‘21 Spring Cohort. As college students, we helped Andrew Feng host Indigitous #HACK2020 in Texas this past fall. The SERVE Cohort is an internship experience for young adults to intersect faith and technology and advance the Great Commission. As we launch this cohort, Phoenix and I want to share our journey with Indigitous and ask for prayer.


I remember when I first joined the planning team for #HACK Texas and everything seemed so impossible. I had no idea how we would ever raise enough money or get any sponsors. Most of all, I didn’t think anyone would sign up! But God provided and we got to witness a great hackathon that could not have been done on our own. After #HACK was done, Phoenix and I were driving back to my place and we started talking about what we could do next. That talk kept us up until 3:00 a.m. That same morning, we went to Andrew’s house to talk about taking Indigitous further. That’s where this cohort really started and now God has really taken just a crazy idea and turned it into something real.


I often rack my brain thinking about how any of this happened. In the beginning, I had a selfish heart filled with pride, but I came out humbled by the selfless service of those more skilled than I, the generosity of those with more than I, and the counsel of those wiser than I. I realized it was all God and I was just blessed to be used. 

We started out with just a couple juniors at the University of Texas. From the start, we faced one challenge after another,, and we could only resort to prayer as our limits were reached. When COVID-19 forced #HACK to move online, we thought no one would sign up. As we prayed, God opened our eyes to expanding our registrations beyond Austin to all of Texas. 

Indigitous SERVE Texas cohort

Lacking funds and mentors to support the enlarged vision, we thought participants would go home empty-handed. After prayer, we were challenged by God to ask for support. Fifty mentors and sponsors said yes. Holding only one year of #HACK experience, we didn’t know what to expect. But we trusted God and truly learned what He meant for all things to work together for good. 

The spring cohort just launched today and we really need prayers. The first project we will be targeting is working with a new campaign for Joshua Project’s frontier people groups. There is so much uncharted territory for the kind of work that we hope to do, so we really need your prayers! We’re trying to reach those within our generation, especially young adults who may not understand the need for missions, so please pray that God would use our work as a vehicle to spread the awareness of unreached people groups.

Finally we ask for prayer that God would allow all 7 of us in the cohort to grow in our heart for missions. Pray that through this experience God would shape the rest of our lives to serve Him in order to follow the Great Commission.


Jeemin and Phoenix

Editor’s note: If you are interested in collaborating on a missional project, reach out in our Slack community.