Digital Evangelism Website Brings Suicidal Woman to Christ

Finding a loving God online

Editor’s note: This content was first published in a ministry newsletter. The author is anonymous for security reasons. All names have been changed.

Norah is from a so-called “closed country” in the Arabian Gulf. With problems at home, she had a deep need for love. She found no love in the dominant religion.

After attempting suicide, Norah searched online, trying to discover who God is and if Christianity could bring her love. She found an evangelistic website on Google and chatted with Miriam, a missionary. Norah asked if God loved her and would accept her with all of her problems.

Norah and Miriam began to discuss Norah’s questions every day on WhatsApp. After three months, Norah made a clear profession of faith. She told Miriam, “I love Jesus so much!”

Miriam encouraged Norah to watch the JESUS film. Afterward, Norah had many questions, allowing Miriam to connect with her on a deeper level. But she was surprised when Norah said, “I want to read the Bible.”

Miriam encouraged Norah to read the Bible on a website. Norah started by reading the book of John. A few weeks later, she wanted a Bible she could hold. Miriam told her this would be too dangerous. They put Norah’s hope for a Bible in God’s hands.

Sharing that love with others

Miriam took Norah through a four-part online discipleship course and encouraged her to share her faith with others. Norah prayed and then talked with her brother about Jesus. After two months, her brother, too, had accepted Christ. By the end of the year, Norah had told eight people about Jesus.

Miriam encouraged Norah to start a discipleship group and focus on spiritual multiplication. Norah invited eight people and started two discipleship groups. Two of the eight new believers have started telling others about Jesus.

Recently, Norah emailed Miriam that God had answered her prayer. An unmarked box had arrived in the mail, containing Christian books and a Bible!

Norah continues to disciple others. She loves to share the love she has found. She is now extending her outreach further by doing graphic design for the discipleship website.

In North Africa and the Middle East, missionaries like Miriam have trained more than 800 Arab believers to share their faith with seekers online, like Norah.


Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. (Habakkuk 2:2)

  • Use online evangelism to reach people in closed countries with no access to a local church or Bible.