Digital Missions Is Essential to Doing Ministry Today

indigitous amsterdam

When I first heard about Indigitous I knew right away that this was something to be excited about. As someone who grew up with the invention of Facebook and Twitter, I am familiar with the digital world and what it has to offer. What I didn’t know was how I could use these tools to share my faith and better serve the online community. Before coming to Cru, I worked in marketing at another Christian non-profit, gathering essential knowledge about the different mediums available to share the gospel. I can still remember when Twitter was first introduced to me; my boss at the time said he had a feeling that this social network was going to be big. He was right!

Only a few years have passed since then and the digital world is booming. We no longer connect to friends and family by letter or by email; we simply hop onto a social media platform and post a picture or an update. Its just that easy! This brings me to my question: Why, in today’s world, is it hard to imagine sharing our faith on the same social networks we use all the time? This is where Indigitous comes into play for me. I want to be able to connect with other people who also shared the same beliefs and have a passion to use them in a digital environment. Attending one digital conference isn’t necessarily the answer to this, but what it does is give you resources and ideas for ways in which this could be done.

In my job, I get to work with future and current leaders — people who can change the world and yet so many of them don’t know Jesus. How incredible would it be for one leader to share his faith with his sphere of influence? It’s not impossible and, with events such as Indigitous, I think together we can make things like this happen. I am passionate about what possibilities are out there for Cru and other organizations that want to connect the online world with Jesus, but what Indigitous has taught me is that there are others who also care about this need and they have specializes skills and abilities too. Each one of us has something to bring to the table.

My closing thoughts are these: Why not get involved? Why not try something new? Why not be Indigitous?

Editor’s Note: Katie recently participated in the Indigitous Amsterdam conference.