Don’t Shy Away from the Pain When You Share Your Testimony

5 billion people in this world don’t have a church. Of those unchurched people, 51% do not know a follower of Jesus. That’s 2.55 billion peoplewho need to know God, have questions about Him, are struggling with a variety of issues, and have no one to turn to. That’s where comes in.

It has been said that the Fall of Man is the Bible’s most easily provable fact. You only need to look around you to see that this world is broken. Billions of suffering souls cry out for a Savior, but to those who don’t know Him, finding hope in their suffering seems impossible. Many Christians point to their weakest moments, to the times they were most overcome with pain, that God reached out to them and came into their lives. Some of the most powerful conversion stories come from those who are broken and brought to their knees. There’s a certain comfort in knowing not only that someone else has experienced your pain, but has gotten through it with God’s help. But if you’re part of the 51% of the unchurched who don’t know any Christians, how are you going to hear those stories? was developed by to fill that void. Christians create profiles on the website where they tell their story, focusing on difficult themes such as loneliness, depression, abuse, and addiction. They can then be contacted by anyone who is struggling with the same issues and are encouraged to share their story both online and offline using a profile card.

Someone who is lost and suffering can search for profiles of those who have dealt with the same pain, connect with that person, and start having a spiritual conversation, one that will hopefully lead them to a relationship with Christ. And all of it is done online, perfect for those who are too shy or ashamed to talk to someone in person about the issues they face. If you haven’t already created a profile on, I encourage you to do so, so you can share your pain and your salvation, so God can use you to turn someone else’s lowest, most painful moments into a new conversion story.