Equipping Your Mission Trips To Do Digital Evangelism

The Mobile Ministry Forum hosted a 50-minute webinar on April 20, 2016 titled “Equip Your Short-Term Mission Team to Use Their Mobile Phones.” The focus was on why the mobile phone is one of the most useful ministry tools your team members possess. Additionally, key ideas on how to prepare your team along with practical resources were provided. Brandon Honsalek and Brian James presented. 52 people participated in the live webinar. Scroll down for the key ideas, the recorded webinar, slides and notes from the live chat.

View the recorded webinar

Brian’s slides

Short-Term Teams – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

Brandon’s slides

Prep Your Team for Mobile Ministry Success – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

Notes from the webinar

Advantages of Using Your Mobile Phone in Short-Term Ministry

  1. Highly contextual
  2. Always with us
  3. Highly versatile
  4. Speaks all the languages we don’t
  5. Allow you to leave something of value behind

Identify Goals

  1. Distribute Gospel Media
  2. Show JESUS Film clips
  3. Show video testimonies
  4. Record video testimonies

Core Media

  1. Audio Bible
  2. Text Bible
  3. JESUS Film Media App
  4. Global Recordings Network Good News

Additional Media

  2. Visual Story Network wiki page
  4. Audio sermons / messages
  5. Praise / Worship Music


  1. Tutorials on how to download media to your phone
  2. Mobile Ministry Made Easy
  3. Your Phone – God’s Glory
  4. Twitter hashtag: #mobmin
  5. Scripture App Builder 
  6. Mobile Ministry Online Course
  7. Mobile Assessment for Your Country
  8. Brian’s email:
  9. Brandon’s email:

Editor’s note: Mobile Ministry Forum’s next webinar will be on May 25. The topic is “Refugees and Media Ministry.” Register and find out more here.