Exciting Christian Tech Projects at Addis Hackathon

Code for the Kingdom Hackathon, Addis Ababa was held from October 2 – 4. Coders, programmers, graphics designers and young entrepreneurs came together and worked various projects tackling issues in their community. On the first day of C4TK, participants were briefed and presented with their challenges. After brainstorming on the ideas, the next two days were spent pulling all-nighters and long days working on their projects. On Sunday afternoon, six polished products were presented in front of a judging panel of three.

‘Metsehalf Kiduse’ (My bible)

This project delivered a fully functioning game for children that educated them about the bible. With seven different levels, and thirty five stories in all, the game covers the main stories from the bible. The fact that the game is fully in Amharic and is made in a way it is relatable by children has made it unique.
Bible Kids App Demo
This project was deemed the winner of the hackathon by the judges.

Netsa Hiwot (Free Life)

This team came up with an app that serves people in different kinds of addiction (pornography, drugs or alcohol). They created a tool that addicts who want to recover could use to find support, self-help resources and a community they could share their struggles with.


Deep Life

This team delivered a web-based android application that will assist the Deep Life project. Besides helping to monitor one’s disciples by keeping the tree of generations, it also assists the person in disciplining by reminding him/her of their schedules (whether it is to call, pray or meet).


Afalgugne (Help me Find)

Afalgugne is a website where people report lost and found items. This site is aimed at helping the issue in the community where people who found lost items have no way of returning the item or no efficient way to report a lost/found person. This beautifully designed website is designed to solve that problem.

Guadegnaye (My Friend)

Based on Beza International’s children’s praise and worship DVD Guadegnaye, this team developed an interactive website for children where they can visit to see videos, read lyrics, find additional resources, play child-friendly bible games and join in a community of others the same age. Although not completed in the hackathon, Guadegnaye is also expected to have an app along with it.

WordPress SMS Plugin

This group worked on an SMS plugin for WordPress so that websites developed using that service would be able to send SMS through the site. Not having such plugins available anywhere in the market for WordPress, this project was accepted by the judges as very marketable and groundbreaking.