Filmmaking Ministry Shows Progress in the Great Commission

Moving Works is a filmmaking ministry with a clear mission. According to Executive Director Peter Craig, their calling is to obey Psalm 105:1, to “make known among the nations what He has done.”

The films by Moving Works are designed to do three things:

  1. Praise God through film.
  2. Promote His ministries on the front lines.
  3. Proclaim the Gospel by partnership.

Many people think of the supernatural power of God as something that is the work of fiction. Even believers too often think of those sides of God as being something in the past, separating the God of Biblical times from today. However, God is still working in the world in a supernatural way today and Moving Works wants to show that through powerful and inspiring films.

“We want to show the God of the Bible being the God of the Bible – the supernatural God who parted the Red Sea, who leveled the walls of Jericho, and who ultimately put His son on the cross as an atoning sacrifice,” Craig says. “That God is still at work in the world today.”

Their website,, has a number of feature-length films as well as two-minute short films. A new short film is added to the site every month. In addition to creating films that praise God, they want to show how ministries are making an impact in the world. They do not charge ministries for the production or distribution of those films. “We want to be a ministry to ministries,” Craig says.

If you check out their website, you will see captivating films showing God’s amazing work in the world. You might find stories that you want to share with others. You might decide that you want Moving Works to make a film showing what your ministry is doing. In either case, Moving Works wants to bless the Kingdom through their storytelling.

“We believe the Holy Spirit can use these stories to open the hearts of people who do not know Christ and ignite a fire under those who do,” Craig says.