In Modern Missions, Your Most Important Tool Is Your Phone

expedition missions

How would you do ministry if you had only a suitcase and a phone?

This is the question the Cru Expedition team has been answering this year, as they spend one month each in nine countries around the world.

Their goal is to equip student volunteers on college campuses to launch spiritual movements everywhere. Given the constant mobility of the team, they cannot carry Gospel tracts or training materials with them. They are dependent on digital tools.

When the team enters a new location, using the Internet has helped them surface contacts with local churches who might know students interested in being trained in ministry.

Staying connected through digital

While the team often meets in the morning for prayer and direction, throughout the day they are usually on their own, searching out believers. They stay connected, however, through Facebook messaging; it’s not uncommon for someone to shoot out a message like, “I just met two girls who want to go share their faith. Can anyone come help me take them?”

When an opportunity for a spiritual conversation arises, the team uses the God Tools app to share the Gospel. If they meet a student who is already a believer, the God Tools app can be used to teach them about how to walk in the Spirit, and how to share their faith themselves.

mobile ministryInterested students are led through what the team calls a Key Volunteer Challenge. First, they ask students about their vision for the campuses. They cover the Great Commission and 2 Timothy 2 to explain what it means to win, build, and send others. Finally, they challenge them to be key volunteers and share the Gospel with 5 other people. These students are also encouraged to like the team’s Facebook page to draw them into community and help them continue to be trained for ministry.

Throughout the day, the team actively takes photos and videos to tell the stories of what God is doing around the world, which they share on Facebook and YouTube. Info and resources are stored on Google Drive to assist the team in their ministry.

Much like the 72 disciples Jesus sent out, this team takes only what they can carry, going out into the harvest. The laborers are few, but this team is finding and equipping them with digital tools.

How might your ministry change if you could only use your phone? Could you expand your influence or multiply your time? Tell us in the comments how God has been stretching you or your teams to make better use of digital tools!