Indigitous Addis, Day 3

Indigitous conference

What is the value of strategy in doing digital ministry? This was the big question of day 3 as the day’s speeches focused on strategy. But let’s backtrack to the start of the day.

The day started off with praise and worship followed by a sermon titled “The Message’ delivered by Dr. Farai Katsande, area team leader for Campus Crusade Christ, Southern and Eastern Africa area.

The keynote speech was unique in two ways. First, the speech was delivered by two speakers, Erik Hersman and Aman Mulat. Second, the focus of the speech was on strategy. Both speakers gave an account of how they had implemented strategy in the digital business world and how different strategies implemented in the marketplace could also be used in ministry. Concepts learnt from the keynote speech included the Pothole theory, how objectives and end user needs (audience demands) lead to strategy creation, finding unsolved problems, push and pull strategy, and finding the right price.

After the keynote speech, various Live Learning presentations were given to demonstrate actual implementations of digital projects and strategies.

In the afternoon, the project teams that were constituted on the previous day had the opportunity to complete their projects. It was tense as time was limited but thankfully all teams completed their projects and did presentations. In just 6 hours the teams were able to use limited time and resources to come up with innovative digital strategies and projects.

Being the last day of the conference, a banquet was held in the evening to thank God for the successful event. The various speakers and conference organizers were honored for their contributions in making the conference a success. Though the conference came to an end (sad face!), it will be interesting to see how the different country teams will implement digital projects in their countries with the goal of fulfilling the Great Commission (Mathew 28:19-20).