Indigitous Brazil Event Opened New World of Digital Missions

Indigitous Sao Paulo

This weekend I had the opportunity to help and participate in some Indigitous moments at Mackenzie in São Paulo. I watched as the participants learned about the basic fundamentals of advertising and the best way to reach a target audience as well as what steps to follow to create and develop a means of digital communication.

I do not consider myself the most creative person in the world. I have no skills in technology or programming and I think I can not always communicate my ideas in the best possible way. So I asked myself, “But how did I get into an event aimed at creating and developing digital evangelism techniques?”

I soon found the answer: The first thing I do when I wake up, frankly, is look at the Academic Terminal online to make sure I have not hit my limit of absences for the first period class and can sleep a little more. During the morning, I spend about 80% of my time using apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. My classmates are not very different from me and often communicate through these applications during class. At work, I spend about 100% of my time in an online system, downloading files, checking and answering emails.

We spent much of the day in some way connected to this virtual world. We should all learn about how to use this new world so present in our daily life to speak of Jesus and his sacrifice for us, to witness His love, and collaborate in an environment that brings hope and meaning to people’s lives. As stated during the first event of the day: We are Indigitous, with or without technology skills.

Perhaps, as with me, other people here did not know how to work with or create new technologies. But I know that we all have access to and participate in this “unreached world.” How have we have used our time and content in social networks? Have we shown the love that was given by Christ? Have we given testimony of His mercy? Have we influenced new disciples? Have we obeyed the Great Commission?

Being a missionary is perhaps closer to our reach than we think.