Indigitous Nairobi Community Works on Tech Projects for God

Esther Chengo came to Code for the Kingdom Nairobi, part of the Global Hackathon, expecting to get absorbed in working on someone else’s project. During the projects overview, she suddenly came up with a great idea. She then decided to quickly share it with the Nairobi team.

She had feared that it would not be accepted and worried that if she shared it someone would run away with her idea. Thank God she overcame that initial fear and shared. The team thought it a brilliant idea. One of the present mentors bought into the project and ran with it. Soon Esther was on the drawing board, drawing and planning away. Guys who walked in and saw her thought she was a real pro.

Her idea, which currently has the working title of Lengo, is a discipleship app intended to help people do the things that Scripture challenges them to do. The app will record challenges that you are feeling from Scripture, allow you to share those challenges with others, and convert those challenges into goals that you can track. The purpose of the app is to help people dig deeper into Scripture and grow in their walk with God.

Now the project is being coded whilst we search for a suitable name for the mobile app. I have listened to her share with other participants and you can tell she has learnt a lot in the last almost 24 hours. I am grateful for the hackathon. God has placed different gifts in us and we should not be limited by our professions. Indeed, we must use all means possible to win and build people for Christ! Hackathons are for everyone, even those that are not coders!