Indigitous Nigeria Network Starts New Community in Bauchi

Indigitous Bauchi

For some, technology is a job, but for me it is a machinery to help reach my generation and this has been the driving force to my involvement in everything digital.

My passion and love for technology is somewhat of a love affair and it continues to get better daily. Recently my hard work was rewarded and I began to lead and co-lead tech communities on campus as well as within the state in Bauchi state, Nigeria.

I work as an IT Consultant, Web developer and Digital Skills Trainer, where I work to help people become digitally mature.

I came to understand very early that for me to be successful in the tech ecosystem, I needed to undertake something bigger than me, something only “faith” could validate. That was why I jumped at the opportunity to be part of something bigger with Indigitous. I was intrigued by the idea of reaching Every Tribe, Every Tongue and Every Touchscreen. I saw it as a privilege to make the Gospel palatable for my digital generation.

Indigitous Bauchi

I was introduced to Indigitous by a passionate individual with so much love for the community, a man who was involved with both campus ministry and digital ministry with Indigitious. He invited me for an event called Indigitous #HACK. While at #HACK, I met individuals from different circles of influence and difference skill sets but with a common vision of bringing the unchanging Gospel to a changing generation.

I was motivated by an Indigitious Country Mentor, in whom I saw absolute dedication and commitment to this great cause. Hence, Indigitous Bauchi was birthed.

Vision casting to new members in my local community was my initial challenge, as few people that I shared my interest with keyed into the vision. The community “Indigitous Bauchi” technically started with two people, a friend and I, has gradually grown into a community of 20 people, and is still growing. Through #HACK, missional projects, and intentional meeting, the Indigitous community in Bauchi and helping to make disciples in Nigeria. I am excited to see how God will continue to bless this community in the future.