Man Learning How to Share Testimony Realizes He’s Not Saved Martin Munoz

In November Indigitous gathered in Panama City, Panama where Sarah Perez, a marketing specialist and volunteer with Destino, heard about This is what happened after…

by Sarah Perez

The Destino Movement hosts a conference each winter break where students spend one day in the community sharing their faith. This year I led the digital outreach effort.

I introduced them to, a place to post your testimony and share it with others. The students loved it, especially how they could print cards and pass them to people they meet.

I gave a short training on writing a testimony then gave them an hour to create their own. Many had never thought about their testimony so we sat down with each student to talk through their story. It was an emotional time. One could see growth happening as they engaged the process.

I sat down with Marten, who was eager to share his story. He described his struggles not going to church and feeling guilty about not obeying God. As I listened, I realized he had never accepted Christ.

We talked through Romans 10:9 and Ephesians 2:8-9 and in the process he decided to pray out loud for the first time and accept Christ.

It was a great experience for both of us. Thank God!

Check out Marten’s  just published testimony then create your own!

Marten's Story