Missionary Feels Called by God to Digital Missions

Liz Kanyi

Liz was a recent participant at Indigitous Addis and wrote the following reflection about her involvement with Indigitous.

Liz Kanyi I joined Global Media Outreach as an online missionary because I was not very involved in field ministry. Another plus was the fact that our office like many others has internet the whole day. I enjoy being on the internet and I realized I may as well make an impact while at it. I am not a tech wiz, if anything; it takes me a while to understand how things work. Please note, at this time, I did not quite know my way on facebook from a computer, I preferred using my phone. I know that sounds silly but hey, that was me. I usually stick to something once I get it and try to make as much use of it as possible.

I love stories, listening and also telling. This is why I begun a blog. I tell stories of the big and little things that have affected my life. My hope is usually to get people to see and know God the way I do. Another aspect of stories I like is movies. I love watching them and a few years ago, I learned how to make them (through Flight School by Global Short Films Network) and begun to make short films. I have had a dream to make a local evangelistic film for a long time and with every short film produced, the dream draws nearer!  In film world, it is very difficult to work alone. We formed a group from the people that received the training and have since them produced 4 short-films. I am not a proficient editor yet, and neither am I behind the camera. But I have a role to play which I discovered is bringing the experts together to do the job.

I am in the Digital Strategies department and yet am not a technical person and it’s because I don’t need to be to make an impact in my generation. You too can be involved. Everybody loves stories, even Jesus used stories. I believe if He were here today, He would use short films and blogs. We all have stories that we can tell, let us make use of what has already been made to help us tell our stories.
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