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Prototype for SMS Engagement Offers Innovation in Missions

TextItIn SMS evangelism

How do we engage people in the developing world with limited connectivity, bandwidth and phone capabilities?

That was the problem I wanted to solve at the recent Code for the Kingdom hackathon in Orlando. I brainstormed a few use-cases and set to work.

The result was a couple examples of an interactive SMS (texting) exchange that could be used for evangelism or discipleship. There are two different ways the SMS campaigns I created would add value:

1. Capturing someone’s response after watching the JESUS Film and inviting them to a next step.

2. Delivering value-added content to a user looking to grow in their faith by connecting in real time to an API that can serve them content that’s relevant.

Both scenarios lead the person on a pathway to spiritual growth. The tools were created using a platform called TextItIn. One of the great things about the potential of this prototype is that it can be deployed anywhere you can put an Android phone connected to the Internet.

There are lots of other exciting use cases for how TextItIn can help share the Gospel and help people grow in their faith. How can you use SMS campaigns for your ministry?

Check out the 8 minute demo below.