Social Media Campaign to Share the Gospel Through God’s Love

“Where do you worship? Is it watching a sunset, near a lake, facing the trees?” The question was posed on Cru’s social media accounts, encouraging people to share photos of where they worship God in the natural world.

#CreationSpeaks God's beauty

In March, Rachel Postler wrote a post about worshiping God and presenting the Gospel through photography. “Not only is a photography a thousand words,” she said, “but it is also a window into the heart. May our hearts be inspired to use photography to testify to the most beautiful picture of all: a God who left Heaven to live our lives, die our death, and rose again to new life so that we may be called His own.”

Using the hashtag #CreationSpeaks, followers of Christ were asked to share that window into their heart, testifying to that most beautiful picture. Psalm 19:1 says that “the heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.”

Dante Alighieri wrote that “nature is the art of God.” #CreationSpeaks is about both recognizing that art and sharing how God’s art brings you closer to him. Using the hashtag, people from around the world have been submitting images of God’s creation on Twitter and Instagram, along with relevant Bible verses or a description of what it means to them.

Here are a few post that people have shared. I encourage you to check out the #CreationSpeaks hashtag to find more and to submit your own through your social media channels. This can be a powerful way to share the glory of God with those you connect with on social media, including those who do not yet know Him.

#CreationSpeaks God's beauty #CreationSpeaks God's beauty #CreationSpeaks God's beauty #CreationSpeaks God's beauty #CreationSpeaks God's beauty