Start to Share the Gospel Digitally with These Strategies

All followers of Jesus are called to share their faith and make disciples. It is an assignment that comes from Jesus himself in Matthew 28:19. But most Christians don’t feel up to the task, held back by fear of failure, awkwardness, or offending someone. Or sometimes it’s just not knowing of a good way to start a spiritual conversation. In a recent episode of Indigitous PULSE about “How to Get Started in Digital Missions,” we asked a few people about the best way to get started.

Out of all of the strategies, tools, and resources, what’s the best strategy for sharing Jesus with those you care about?

Get help from the community

Indigitous is “not just a place where you find resources; it’s a community of people who can help direct you to answers,” says Cheryl Boyd, a digital strategist with Cru. “You can find others who have experience and wisdom and knowledge in the things that you’re wondering and want to learn more about.”

Indigitous has a Facebook group designed for this purpose. In our Facebook group you will find a community of people who are passionate about sharing Jesus using digital. Some work in vocational missions, some are business professionals, some are students. Some are looking for tips about how to get started while others have the expertise to help the newbies. If you’re looking for a simple way to share your faith digitally, asking some questions in the Facebook group is a great first step.

Use social media

Digital strategist Miheret Tilahun recommends building social media content around your passion. “If your passion is about prayer, you can create good content for your social media feeds on Instagram, Facebook, and other places, and build your audience organically,” he says. Rather than paying for ads, he recommends taking the time to engage with your audience, slowly growing your audience while increasing engagement.

Those with a large following can take the strategy a step farther. Social media influencers should “not only just share a post, but plan some next steps for people,” Miheret says. Next steps could be directing people to additional content – a blog post, an email series, a podcast – ideally putting them on a content journey that helps your audience grow in their walk with God.

The next episode of Indigitous PULSE will go into specific social media strategies that you can implement, so be on the look out for that. In the meantime, check out our WhatsApp Playbook for Spiritual Conversations.