Take a Faith Adventure with This Digital Missions App

Voke faith adventure

If you’re anything like me, you love adventure stories. Growing up, my favorite movies were the Indiana Jones trilogy, because I loved the exciting adventures that Jones got himself into. Who says archeology is boring? I even used to read Choose Your Own Adventure books, which were admittedly kind of lame, but I liked the idea that the stories changed based on the decisions I made, like I was actually taking part in the adventure instead of reading about it.

Our walk with God is also an adventure, one that takes us from a sinner separated from God to a new creation that has been saved by grace, called to invite others to that adventure, with the promise that we will live eternally in community with our Lord.

So I was excited when I found out about the Faith Adventures in Voke. We’ve written about the Voke app before, but things have changed since then, and the new experience is designed to bring you on an adventure.

What is the adventure?

So what is included in a Faith Adventure?

  • A series of connected Gospel-based videos
  • Real-time messaging with your friends about the video content
  • Group interaction around the content to help the group build stronger relationships with Jesus and others

These Faith Adventures are designed for students but can be done by anyone, either by yourself, with a friend, or with a group. And that doesn’t need to be a formal group; if you have a few friends, you can invite them and form a group in the Voke app.

There are a number of Faith Adventures in the Voke app, so you can choose your own adventure. Each includes three to eight videos centered around a specific topic, many of them questions people commonly ask about faith, such as “Is God good,” “would I have liked Jesus” and “how did we get here?”

Voke faith adventure

The Faith Adventures are designed to catalyze two essential activities in Christian life, conversation and community. The series address key questions about following Jesus that non-Christians and new Christians often have, with discussion prompts that help you through the spiritual conversations.

“We’re really excited to guide you on an adventure of inspiring hope in others and also just building deeper relationships through faith,” says Aaron Thomson, Head of Product at Jesus Film Project.

For those who want to lead groups through Faith Adventures, there are leader resources available on the Voke website. But for most people, you’ll just want to pick a series that sounds interesting and go through it with a friend or a few friends. If you’re not used to having spiritual conversations, maybe you’ve never shared your faith, this is a great way to break the ice and practice having conversations around faith in a way that removes the awkwarness. Just as it would be totally natural for me to talk to you about my favorite parts of the Indiana Jones movies – and believe me, we can talk for a while on that topic – it’s just as natural to have spiritual conversations around the Faith Adventures in Voke. And if you get stuck, that’s what the discussion prompts are for.