Technologists Have a Place in the New Era of Missions


Is there a place for technologists in missions? At the Urbana missions conference, December 28-31, #hack4missions answered that question with a resounding “yes!”

190 programmers, developers, designers and project managers gathered in teams to develop and present 13 projects forwarding the gospel through digital tools.

More than 400 people were present as the judges gave recognition to OMF’s #securemission project for best product and to MAF’s #urbanarouterhack for biggest impact. AIA’s #roadtorio2016 received People’s Choice.

The #securemission team used steganography (the practice of concealing a file within an image) to develop a proof of concept for secure missionary communications to their supporters. The #urbanarouterhack team successfully internationalized and packaged open source Linux packages to permit offline and discreet free content distribution.

Along with the potential ministry impact from these projects, there was significant impact at a heart level for the participants. Here are some of their responses:

How has participating in #hack4missions made you rethink missions?

  • • My skills are given by God to do his good work.
  • • Some people are called to go physically. Some people are called to go digitally.
  • • You can serve for missions in other ways than going out to the field
  • • i couldn’t believe that my mentor was on the ground in mission as well as cyberspace. Very cool.
  • • I just feel more confident in how I can use my talents to really further God’s ministry!
  • • It just confirmed for me the fact that Jesus is in and around technology
  • • Mission does not necessarily mean traveling given the world is getting connected via the Internet.
  • • Technology can help missions SO MUCH!

Moving forward, starting in February 2016, Indigitous will be hosting Indigitous Steps, an eight-week, virtual program designed to provide pathways and community to the digital specialist who desires to use digitals skills (code, craft, design, draw, strategize) for the Great Commission. We would love to have you join us!

Register for Indigitous Steps now.

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