The Platform That Taught Me How to Make Disciples Online

The Discipleship.Space online discipleship platform came as an answered prayer. It has always been a vision to figure out a way to disciple effectively online. However, weeks before it was shared with me, I was almost at the brink of giving up after some Christian friends expressed it may never work out… Months later, God gave me a new friend to share life with.

In the Beginning

One late afternoon, Mel Micah shared the online discipleship platform with me as we talked on a Google Hangout. I told him that I desired to strategize and do online discipleship but was having doubts  about whether it would really work. The feedback I had received after sharing my vision with certain people were disheartening despite the fact that I had once been discipled online.

Back in 2012, I was being discipled by Vic and we primarily connected through Facebook because of our distance. He instructed me to write my devotionals and submit them to him. He would then share his insights, especially on areas that need correction and return it to me for revision. I would later publish the devotionals on the blog site he created.

While his strategy worked for me, that didn’t necessarily mean it would for others. This gave me the desire to discover a way to effectively disciple online whether the person loves to write lengthy notes or not.

There were only two lessons available on the online discipleship course when it was shared with me. It was only after I enrolled in the first course that I realized it was an ongoing project.

I became encouraged as I browsed the first lesson. I also became involved in the project that afternoon — filled with hope that online discipleship could work.

Meeting Wenzy

Wenzy became my student a month after I signed up and our connection was as awesome as her nickname.

Wenzy had already gone through Lesson 1 when I saw the email notification from the platform about my assignment as her e-Coach.

I immediately logged into the platform, reviewed her answers, and prayed for the right words to say to start a conversation with her.

God gave me a chance as I answered some of her questions, introduced myself, and apologized for my late reply. I also searched for her on Facebook and sent a friend request. Thankfully, she added me and also replied to my messages from the course.

New Life in Christ course

Most of our conversations were held in Facebook. It was here where we shared more ideas and reviewed lessons. She was traveling during those times and mobile Facebook was the most accessible communication platform for her.

Our discipleship online worked out despite how challenging it was at first. We immediately felt at ease with each other, especially as we shared more about ourselves and our passion for Christ. I was also amazed by how she reminded me of myself when I was just starting to share devotional messages and insights through Facebook and my blog.

I enjoy all of our chats and despite the fact that I’m her mentor, I was also learning from her…

From Disciple to e-Coach

With all the doubts others share about online discipleship, I praise God for how He continues to encourage me through friends especially from CCC. I am most thankful for how He reminded me of my beginning and how my own discipler patiently discipled me online.

I am excited to share my life and my faith with someone through this platform and pray the Body of Christ here in Bicol will also experience the joy I have as an e-Coach.

I give God all the glory for the possibility of online discipleship. He continues to remind me and others that there is nothing impossible with Him. God always makes a way…