Using Facebook to Share the Gospel Digitally With Friends

Using Facebook to share the Gospel

By Amy Udy

We all know Facebook isn’t the full picture of someone’s life. Sometimes, though, all it takes to open a door for the Gospel is to question what you see there.

I browse Facebook everyday. Recently I noticed one of my friends, Annie, a non-Christian from another country, was posting frequently about her trips to other places. Looking through the pictures, I felt like she just wasn’t happy, so I messaged her and asked how she was doing. Annie said when she read my message, she burst into tears because she felt so cared for. She was amazed I could see her unhappiness, and confessed she was facing some challenges in her marriage. We agreed to talk via FaceTime. I was able to share a biblical view of marriage, give her some tips on how to communicate with her husband, and pray with her.

Annie took steps to carry out these suggestions. She and her husband have resolved some of their issues and are communicating better. She thanked me for helping her, and I thanked her for trusting me.

I had another Facebook encounter with a woman named Irene whom I met through an event and friended on Facebook. One day, Irene messaged me through Facebook and asked if I was a Christian based on what I had been posting on my page. I told her I am a believer and asked if she would like to meet to find out more about Christianity. Irene said she felt lost in life and had questions about how to feel more satisfied and content in life. I took Irene out for dinner and shared Knowing God Personally with her. Irene prayed to receive Christ and told me she felt the peace of God telling her not to worry about the future now that Jesus is in her life. I took her to a church close to her house, where there are people who are following up with her.

My experience of sharing Christ’s love with others digitally is something all of us can experience. I encourage you to:

  1. Trust that God is real and He wants people to come to Him.
  2. Understand that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.
  3. Trust that God leads His people to opportunities and we are responsible for making the most of these opportunities to share
  4. Don’t be ashamed of the Gospel; be faithful in daily life. Talk about God in your daily life in whatever media platforms you use.