Waterloo Digital Ministry Event Shows the Future of Missions

Indigitous Waterloo


Our first Indigitous conference in Waterloo is off and running, and the excitement of a new day is palpable. Insights are flowing. Ideas are forming. Projects are being coded (the Green and Red kitchen projects couldn’t wait to get started). People are connecting.

After a night of introductions and networking on Tuesday, we launched into the main content of the conference yesterday. Simon Seow led us by pointing us to Christ and reminding us that while we get to participate in God’s work, ultimately, He does the work. Ken Cochrum shared the story of Indigitous and how it fits into the 2000+ year old command to make disciples of all nations.

Don Van Meer fleshed out the theme of the conference, “Engagement,” by illustrating several of the principles he observed from leading his company through a massive shift from a print to a digital paradigm. He emphasized the importance of engagement with people on three levels: cognitive understanding, emotional attachment, and motivation.

During the afternoon, nine speakers shared concise, valuable insights on the opportunities and challenges of the digital world and how they have incorporated digital strategies into their personal context. A few highlights:

  • Hearing an extraordinarily successful young entrepreneur describe how he has kept Christ first and foremost in the fast-paced world of tech startups
  • Getting a walk through the personal digital strategy of a veteran ministry leader with a broad global reach
  • Learning how a local church discovered how to connect with people in their community who were looking for them online
  • Emphasizing the importance of listening and learning in a world full of noise and personal broadcasting

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