Website for Students Acts as a Bridge to Digital Outreach

“The search for God starts at Google,” says Christine Robertson, Social Media Director for Christine recently spoke about doing evangelism and discipleship through social media for the Indigitous “Ministry from a Distance” webinars.

EveryStudent provides content in 45 languages for those that are spiritually curious, those seeking questions about God and about faith. The website has a variety of articles searchable by keyword or topic that address the questions such people have and are made to be easily shared on social media, through private messages, and in targeted ads. Some of the articles have a Gospel presentation tied into the content, along with a call to action to pray to receive Christ and the ability to talk to a mentor and receive follow-up content. The website was designed to be a “safe space” for someone who searches online for answers to spiritual questions but isn’t comfortable having a conversation about them in person.

Right now during the pandemic, Christine says, “every day 200,000-400,000 come to the site around the globe searching about tragedy, God, is there a God, how do I know God, is it end times?” This provides an opportunity to inspire them with hope and truth through content designed to address such questions.  

The global COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone, from the lives lost to the jobs lost to the stress of quarantine and isolation, and beyond. But it is also an opportunity to reach people like never before. “Living in a time of uncertainty, we’re going to have more people coming to us who maybe are frantic, who are searching and wondering, ‘is it time; is it too late for me?’” says Christine.

The search for God starts at Google.

Christine Robertson

How to share was made not just for those who search online and find it via Google. It was also made to work in tandem with your own social media strategies. Right now a lot of people are frantically trying to create new content that speaks to the questions and fears people have during the pandemic. In many cases, though, creating new content isn’t necessary; you can instead simply find relecant content on EveryStudent and incorporate it into your social media outreach strategy. next steps

To that end, Christine shared three steps anyone can take to utilize EveryStudent content in outreach:

  • Explore and find articles relevant to the topics you want to address.
  • Think of 5 people God has put on your heart. Find articles that you can share with them to start a conversation.
  • Scroll through EveryStudent’s social media feed to share on Facebook, repost on Instagram, or retweet on Twitter

With so many people seeking questions about God, faith, and the end times, we have a great opportunity as the body of Christ to speak to them. “Now more than ever, when people are doubting, other people are seeking,” Christine says.