Digital Wesley: Missions in a Digital World

Digital offers us a unique opportunity to bring the gospel to every tongue, tribe, and touchscreen.

Welcome friend! You are probably here because you want to discover how you can be more effective in engaging with our digital world. I am so glad you’re here!

You’ll find some of the resources mentioned in my talk plus more ideas and stories. Explore this page that has been specially curated for you, and the rest of the website.

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Simon Seow

3 Resources to Help You Reach Your World

This App Helps You Talk About God with the People You Care About

GodTools is a helpful resource you can use as you engage in spiritual conversations.

Digital Technologies and the Great Commission

Discover more about the platforms and strategies you can utilize in this report: “The State of Digital Technologies For the Great Commission.”

Stories from the Largest Global Hackathon for Missions in 2022

Innovating and creating to take the gospel to new people, places and spaces.

3 Stories to Inspire and Encourage You

How Christians Can Effectively Share God’s Love Online

“They’ll know we are Christians by our love,” goes the old hymn, written in the 1960s by priest Peter Scholtes. …


An Instagram Post Shows the Power of Social Media Evangelism

While attending Oregon State University, Susie took a philosophy class that asked her to attend a church service as an …


How Christians Can Effectively Share the Gospel Online

If you want to spread the gospel online, be intentional with your time. Learn to make a difference just by being mindful on social media.


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