How to use social media for God (Indigitous PULSE)

Indigitous PULSE - How to use social media for God
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Social media is part of our everyday lives, but can it be used for God? Can Christians use social media to start meaningful spiritual conversations that can help bring someone closer to Jesus? 

In this episode of Indigitous PULSE, we discussed simple strategies for social media that anyone can apply to make an impact. If you have a phone, you can share your faith.

About Indigitous PULSE

Many Christians feel left out of God’s call to missions, so Indigitous invites them to be a part of a global community engaging in missions to empower the whole church to make Jesus known everywhere. 

Indigitous PULSE is a new video series where we discuss important digital missions trends and topics with practitioners who have their fingers on the pulse of digital ministry. The content is intended to inspire you to action, give practical steps, and help you take the first step in accepting the call to digital missions.

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