Code for the Kingdom Bay Area Hackathon

Are you an entrepreneur, technologist or innovator? Have you ever wanted to impact your cities, circles and communities and solve problems that you see around you? Have you ever wanted to be the change? If yes, join us on November 13-15, 2015 for the Bay Area’s third Code for the Kingdom Hackathon, hosted by Venture Christian Church.

Code for the Kingdom is a weekend Hackathon series and ongoing ecosystem where the challenges confronting our communities, our society, our families, and our spiritual lives are tackled from a Christian perspective. The movement hosts weekend gatherings in different cities where developers, designers, ideators and others collaborate to advance common good and serve God’s Kingdom.

This third Code for the Kingdom in the Bay Area builds upon the success of previous hackathons, which have already gathered over thousands of technologists to create hundreds of projects to do good. This Bay Area collaboration will leverage the skills and insights of our entrepreneurs, designers, and technologists to foster an entrepreneurial culture with Christian values and activate technologists to give their skills and some time as their contribution to the mission field.

Join some of the most talented developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and creative people in the country as they collaborate with each other to create innovative technology. All of these groups will also work with investors, mentors, innovative non-profits and churches to come up with ideas and projects to help release the oppressed, teach God’s word, heal the sick, feed the hungry, clothe the naked and support the Church and the body of Christ.

Join us this November 13-15 and let’s create technology that matters.