Debunking Digital Strategy

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Here is a recording of the Indigitous Session for those who were unable to take part in the live webinar and for those who want to view it again.

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Debunking Digital Strategies

Lieze Langford hosted Indigitous’s first Sessions, Debunking Digital Strategies on October 29, 2014. In this Session, she mostly focuses on helping you clarify WHO you are seeking to reach using the Persona methodology.

Indigitous Sessions_Lieze Langford Post eventAt the end of this Session, you will have the key questions you need to ask so that your digital strategy is connecting with what your audience cares about. If you were unable to make it to the webinar or if you were stuck on the wait list due to high demand, don’t worry. We recorded the webinar and present it here for you to view.

Want to create your own Persona? Here is a Persona Creation Guide to help get you started.

Above are the video and slideshow that Lieze used during the Session. If you found the information to be overwhelming during the webinar, please take some time to read though the slides and visit the links provided for more research into creating Personas.