Indigitous Nairobi

Indigitous Nairobi

July 5-7 we will be holding Indigitous Nairobi. The theme will be “Digital Tech in Africa’s Future.”

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Indigitous Nairobi will feature 12 African speakers who will cover a variety of topics on where Africa is in terms of technology and how it can be harnessed for the Great Commission. We will also discuss emerging trends that will affect Africa beyond 2020 as well as inspire and challenge Christians in Africa to enhance the Great Commission with digital.

Featured speakers

Kelly and Vicky Londoni

Technology and Digital Strategies Director for Campus Crusade for Christ

Kelly Londoni Indigitous Nairobi

Kelly and Vicky live in Harare, where they are pastors. They have much experience in church planting and mentoring pastors. They oversee churches in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Kelly joined CCC’s Southern and Eastern Africa office in 2001 as IT Systems Administrator. In 2009, they joined fill staff of Life Ministry Zimbabwe. Kelly has a Master’s degree in Transformational Leadership, a Bachelor’s degree in Theology, and an Advanced Diploma in Computer Science.

Mark Kaigwa

Founder of Nendo

Mark Kaigwa Indigitous Nairobi

An African entrepreneur, author, and professional speaker, Mark is the founder of Nendo, a consultancy delivering solutions in research, training, and strategy across Sub-Saharan Africa. He is the publisher and co-author of respected digital trends and insights publication The Nendo Social Media Trend Report. As a speaker, Mark has spoken to tens of thousands in over 35 countries. He was featured in Forbes Africa’s 30 Under 30 Best Young Entrepreneurs in Africa in 2013.

Richard Njau

Co-founder of 4UP Digital

Richard Njau Indigitous Nairobi

Richard is co-founder of 4UP Digital, a creative digital hub that handles everything from digital strategy development through implementation. He has experience in social media and broadcast media, advertising, rapping, and TV presenting. Under Google Kenya he worked as the G+ Media & Music Community evangelist, where he educated various musicians and media personalities on the Google+ platform. He later went on to become one of three YouTube Enablers in Africa tasked with the role of educating individuals, corporate, musicians, SMEs and influencers on maximizing their digital potential through video content creation. He was also the Head of TV & Radio at Fountain Media.

Gertjan van Stam

Research Fellow at the Science and Industrial Technology Development Centre (SIRDC) in Zimbabwe

Gertjan van Stam Indigitous Nairobi

Gertjan is a professional and academic with broad exposure within many context, cultures, communities, and management systems. He is Research Fellow at SIRDC in Zimbabwe. He has been involved with strategic developments in ICT in Africa since 1987, holds a Doctor of Philosophy from Tilburg University and a Master of Technology from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

Indigitous Nairobi

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