Bringing the Gospel to Unreached Countries with a Manga App

Treasure Hunt Manga app

Nearly 80% of the world’s believers come to Christ by age 14. That is when people are the most open to new ideas, the most adaptable to change, and the most open to sharing their beliefs with others. So what if kids had an easy, fun, and intriguing ware to experience and share the Gospel? That’s where Treasure Hunt comes in.

Treasure Hunt is a Manga-style comic book created by NewDayToDay that portrays the Gospel as an exciting adventure, telling the story of Hikari and Mana competing to find answers to the mysteries that they face. Now a team is working to create a digital app version of Treasure Hunt to make it more accessible, interactive, and fun. “This project is designed to disciple and mobilize kids for the Gospel, specifically the latter half of the 4/14 Window – the most Gospel-responsive and Gospel-cooperative demographic in the world,” says Andy Meeko, a missionary with NewDayToDay and WorldVenture, and the team leader for the project.

Developing the app

Treasure Hunt Manga app

Vision: Unleash younger generations to help fulfill the Great Commission.

Objective: Launch a mobile app for digital discipleship and deployment to kids/youth to reach their world. Kids can use the app anytime to reach out to their friends, lead them to Christ personally, and help initiate their follow-up.

“Up until now the pocket Manga version has been highly successful around the world and easy enough for an eight-year-old to lead a friend to Christ with,” Andy says. The Treasure Hunt App aims to improve upon the print comic by gamifying and streamlining the experience. The app will also be global in scope, with more than a dozen languages to be included. It will also include a systematic and comprehensive discipleship plan called the Treasure Hunt Venture.

Currently a team of five is working on the project but they need more help. Andy and the team are seeking volunteers with experience in app development, UX design, 2D animation, sound tech, and music supervision. If you have talent in any of these areas, this is a great opportunity to use those talents for God, to help empower youth to tell others about Jesus and catalyze the spread of the Gospel to where it’s not. Contact Andy if you would like to volunteer with the team.

“Indigitous provided some terrific people to help us in the digital effort there in Japan with,” Andy says, referring to the A Miracle Every Day campaign. “Help from Indigitous for this would be an amazing blessing!