Church That Meets on WhatsApp Shows New Era of Missions

Endale was trained to be a digital missionary four years ago when he joined staff to do student ministry. Since the first day that he heard how he can use digital for evangelism and discipleship, he has been using WhatsApp to reach out to as many people as he can!

His first act was to start a spiritual conversation with some of the people he knows using short films and and GodTools. Those who were believers asked him to train them. So he started organizing WhatsApp groups for about 20 people at a time, recording his voice and sending it to them as they listen and reflect in the group. So far, he has trained nearly 300 digital missionaries using WhatsApp.

Together they use WhatsApp to share the Gospel in one-on-one conversations. They have reached more than 3,000 people, with nearly 100 people receiving Christ. As a result, they started a church for the new believers named the Church of God, which meets entirely on WhatsApp.

Yes you read that right: a WhatsApp Church.

They meet every week on the messaging app. Endale shares an audio sermon for about 20 to 30 minutes. Another member records a worship song and shares it in the chat. The church encourages each other, reading the Bible together and even giving money to their ministry.

Why WhatsApp

But why WhatsApp? Why not just go to church?

His church members are mainly living in Central Asian and Arabic countries and they don’t have a way to safely meet together for fellowship. The WhatsApp church is the one and only way that they can grow in their faith and do ministry.

The WhatsApp church has around 300 active church members, each knowing each other by name! So far the members of that church have helped more than 100 people come to know Christ, with 89 of them going through a followup and discipleship process in WhatsApp and joining the church. In fact, Endale married one of his disciples from WhatsApp! He was using the Win-Build-Send strategy, though he kept one for himself.

It is a joy for me to see God working and having a part to play makes me humble and encouraged to press on. If you’re looking for a way to make a difference using WhatsApp or other mobile apps, I invite you to join us for Digital Outreach during GO 2020.