Mobile App Helps You Find Spiritual Topics to Talk About

perspective cards app

Perspective Cards, the evangelical card deck commonly seen on campuses and elsewhere in the mission field, are now an exciting iPhone app. The app was designed to reproduce the experience of using the original deck of cards to moderate spiritual discussions and does a great job of combining the old-school user experience of flipping through cards with the slick interface of modern mobile app technology. Android users, there is a Droid version in the works as well, which should be released in the Spring.

What are Perspective Cards?

What is your worldview? Do you know what you believe and why? Perspective Cards were developed as a way of facilitating face-to-face spiritual conversations to help those you are discipling to explore their own worldviews.

Too often Christians who are excited about evangelizing are quick to tell people all of the answers without bothering to listen to the questions. Perspective Cards help Christians to listen while the people you’re trying to reach give their perspective on things like God, sin and salvation without interrupting to provide the answers.

The result should be a healthy conversation where the people feel that you appreciate their opinions and are open to exploring their perspective. It’s a way of finding out where they fall on the spiritual map so you know where to meet them.

How the iPhone app is an improvement on the card deck

While the original deck of Perspective Cards is still a valuable tool for evangelism, the new app brings some big improvements. First of all, the user experience is a lot more fun, turning exploring your spiritual perspectives into a game. You can play with up to four players at a time and the app saves their information as you go.

More importantly, the app provides opportunities for spiritual growth. Based on the answers given while going through the app, people are directed to articles on that give more information on the worldviews you discussed and provide great next steps no matter where they are in their spiritual journey.

The app also allows you to save the name of the players as well as the answers they provided, which will make it easier to follow up with them at a later time. You can also save notes about those players and note anything that you prayed for them.

How do I use the Perspective Cards app?

The Perspective Cards iPhone app is a highly interactive app that is meant to be used to moderate your face-to-face spiritual conversations. It is a listening tool that helps you determine where the player is spiritually so you can understand the best way to go about leading them to Jesus. As we have said regarding developing Personas, if you don’t know who your audience is, what they believe, and what they want, it’s hard to know what to say to them. The Perspective Cards app helps improve your digital evangelism strategies by helping you see things from the perspective of those you’re trying to reach.

Barry Warren, who serves in Research & Development for Cru, is one of the creators of the Perspective Cards and the new app. In this video, he gives a tour of the new app and walks you through how to use it for digital evangelism. The Perspective Cards website also has a number of training videos for the cards. Download the Perspective Cards iPhone app from iTunes today and start using it to engage in spiritual discussions.