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Nigerian Churches Mobilize Evangelism in the Digital Age

Indigitous Lagos

In December 2019, 133 people joined an Indigitous Classic event in Lagos, Nigeria. In attendance were IT experts, entrepreneurs, church leaders, missionaries, and church workers from a host of countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, and Togo. This conference had many objectives, but at the crux of it all, we wanted to introduce digital tools (apps and videos) for evangelism and discipleship to attendees.

For three days, a range of speakers and coaches, including Simon Seow (co-founder of Indigitous), Wale Owoeye (Cedar Communications), and coaches from Ghana and Nigeria hosted various sessions. We taught participants the steps to online mentorship and coaching. Taught them how to use the Jesus Film App and how to implement the “Boiling Waters” strategy in their own way.

In doing all this, we prayed fervently that this conference would be the starting point of something great. We prayed that God would multiply our efforts and lives would be touched forever. And God answered those prayers! God has used two attendees in particular, Olu and Joshua, to fuel digital missions in Nigeria.

Indigitous Lagos

Online church in Nigeria

Pastor Olugbenga Ogunsanlu, who we call Olu, is head of innovation and digital church for the Central Missions Board of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). For over a year, Olu attended and participated in Indigitous events in Nigeria that were held online due to the pandemic. In June 2021, Olu and his team organised the first ever digital-focused conference in RCCG, which was modeled after the 2019 Indigitous conference.

Pastor Olu also started an online church called the RCCG Hephzibah Internet church. Pastor Olu says he was inspired to do so after attending the Indigitous Classic event.

Indigitous Lagos

A WhatsApp church

Like Pastor Olu, Joshua was inspired at the Indigitous conference to take action and use digital for the Gospel. Joshua started a fully fledged church on WhatsApp. The church uses WhatsApp for its services as well as to communicate throughout the week. This is a miracle! It is the power of God working through digital tools, reaching people where they are and changing lives.

We share this to encourage others out there who seem to think what they do is so little. We assure you, all you need to do is the little. God is going to send several Pastor Olus who will be catalysts for the vision but you have to keep pushing. We also hope that the story of Olu and Joshua serve as validation for what you are doing in your Indigitous community.