Six Reasons to Host This Christian Global Hackathon

6 Reasons to Host a #HACK

Momentum is building for the Indigitous #HACK event in November, and we’re just getting started. Maybe you’re already planning on attending the #HACK, but did you know we’re also looking for people host a #HACK location? The next location host could be you! Here are six reasons why we think you should be:

  1. It’s really not that hard

Just fill out this application and we’ll contact you. We’ll be staying in regular contact with hosts of all our locations to walk you through the process in order for you to have success with your local event.

  1. You love your city

And you want to see it transformed. Not only that, but you also love learning experiences and problem solving — all the ingredients for the passion needed to host a #HACK where you are. That project you’ve been dreaming about in your backyard? It might just get done because you hosted.

  1. You’ll provide a venue for projects that matter

We all want to be involved in significant work, but we aren’t always sure where to find it. You could be the instigator for others to find those Kingdom-changing projects. The more #HACK locations we have, the more opportunities there are for people to be engaged in projects that matter.

  1. You’ll find you’re not alone

Digital ministry can be isolating. Here’s your chance to surface and engage the people in your neighborhood who want to use their God-given talents in the digital space, just like you. You’ll build your network, and credibility within that network, by hosting an event.

Indigitous #HACK

  1. The world needs to hear from you

Even though you’ll host in your city, you’ll be connected to a global movement of innovative, creative thinkers who will expand your horizons and energize your ministry. While you will have the opportunity to learn from them, the rest of the world also needs your unique location’s perspective and input into what God is doing in digital around the world. Imagine the bridges you could build in the Kingdom.

  1. You can make it possible for someone to come

The more locations we have, the more likely it is that someone will participate. If you host in your city, that might be the tipping point for someone to be able to attend. Here’s your chance to gather a tribe of digital missionaries nearby who might not otherwise have been engaged.

What are you waiting for? Get started today.