Channel Helps You Learn How to Share the Gospel Digitally

Mission Media Coach

The pandemic has forced a lot of people to go digital for their ministry, resulting in many people trying out digital outreach strategies for the first time. For some, this has been a smooth transition, but many people have found themselves confused and looking for help to learn this new way to do missions.

Mission Media Coach

If you want to grow specifically in creating and sharing evangelistic media, the Mobile Ministry Forum has a great resource for you. Last year, MMF launched the Mission Media Coach. This isn’t actually a coach that you can work with one on one; it’s more of a curriculum of material that can help you grow in using media for outreach. MMF says that the videos “will inspire you with case studies, interviews, and ministry media-demonstration projects. We’ll also give you how-to’s, product reviews, and recommendations that will enable you to do everything you’ve seen and more.”

The material is all found on a YouTube channel, which currently has thirty videos that include subjects such as:

  • Mobile video editing
  • Creating simple animated videos using Vlogit
  • Setting up a social media presence
  • WhatsApp Ministry

Some of the videos are very technical, like teaching editing or lighting techniques, while others are about strategy. If you need some tips on using mobile media for evangelism, the Mission Media Coach is definitely worth checking out.

Digital Academy Shorts

If you’re looking more for strategic help than technical help, the Digital Academy Shorts may be a good option for you. Created by Cru, the Digital Academy Shorts are a series of training videos intended to help you learn important skills for digital ministry. Some of the topics include:

  • Intro to content strategy
  • Know your audience
  • Building a journey
  • Analytics
  • Social media

While some of the content (such as the “Growth Stack” training) is made for an internal Cru audience, most of it is relevant to anyone wanting to grow in digital missions.

Indigitous PULSE

Indigitous PULSE

Indigitous has a few resources as well. We created the Ministry From a Distance resources for those who want simple steps that they can take to get started in doing ministry while isolated, and the Digital Outreach workshops provide training on using the specific tools of GodTools, the Jesus Film App, and MissionHub, as well as training on how to run a Digital Outreach event.

To help people get started engaging in digital missions, we have also recently launched a new video series called Indigitous PULSE. In the series, we discuss important digital missions trends and topics with practitioners who have their fingers on the pulse of digital ministry. The content is intended to inspire you to action, give practical steps, and help you take the first step in accepting the call to digital missions. Our first episode was about how to be involved with the church while isolated, with the next episode coming soon.

In lieu of an actual coach to work with you one on one, these various resources from Indigitous, Mobile Ministry Forum, and Cru are the next best thing. Be sure to tell us which resources are most helpful and what specific topics you would like to be covered in the future.