How Boiling Waters Used a Podcast to Make Disciples Online

Boiling Waters’ move into the podcasting space continues to show great fruitfulness, as a recent podcast linked with a promotional webinar brought many to Christ.

An Indigitous community in the Philippines started Boiling Waters as an Indigitous #HACK project few years ago as a way to reach young singles in the country. The Boiling Waters brand shares pre-evangelistic content, using memes and inspirational messages to shift the culture of modern Filipino youth online.

Since its launch in 2016, Boiling Waters has amassed nearly two million dedicated followers, who regularly engage with the witty, inspirational, and often humorous posts. Behind those posts, however, is a group of volunteers who interact with these fans, walking with them on their spiritual journey through comments, responses, and private messages, sharing Christ with them when appropriate. Earlier this year, Boiling Waters started a podcast as a way to dive deeper into the topics that were being shared on social media. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the Boiling Waters team formed a strategy that attempted to use a webinar to encourage people to make a decision for Christ.

Boiling Waters meme

Boiling Waters has amassed a large podcast audience in a short time, becoming one of the most popular podcasts in all of the Philippines. During recent podcast episodes, the team promoted an upcoming Boiling Waters webinar exclusive to their loyal podcast listeners, where they would discuss insecurities, how they manifest themselves in our lives, and how we can manage them.

“During the webinar, the guest shared a Gospel presentation live,” says one of the creators of Boiling Waters. Of the 873 people who joined the webinar, 140 indicated that they prayed to receive Christ.

The strategy showed how powerful the right content is when it is delivered to the right people at the right time. Boiling Waters has built a loyal following over years of hard work, strategic content, and a prolific content output that requires multiple posts per day. Because that audience is highly engaged with Boiling Waters, they are open to exploring deeper topics, often through private messages but also through the podcast and webinar. Then when creating the content for the webinar, Boiling Waters made sure the content would make for a good transition into a Gospel presentation. “We’ve seen amazing fruit,” Mel says. “Now the 140 people are being contacted for follow up.”