Why Rahmad Comes to Faith and Abdul Does Not: Spiritual Pathways in High-Level Decision Making

Spiritual Decision Pathways Indigitous Sessions

Update: For those who missed this Session when it was live or want to view it again, below you will find a video of the Session.

Glossary: Here are some of the acronyms that Frank used during the Session and in his slides.

CPM: Church-planting movements

T4T: Training for trainers

DMM: Disciple-making movements

Attached here is an article about T4T and DMM that you may find helpful.

About the Session:

The study of how people make decisions is one of great interest to marketers, behavioral analysts, psychologists, business strategists, and professionals from many other fields. Thanks to the growth in sophisticated targeting and analytics, information about “customer decision journeys” has become very valuable to modern businesses. Understanding the process someone goes through and what contributes to their final decision to make a purchase (or not) allows strategists to pinpoint where they may have gaps or weaknesses or where they could better leverage their strengths to increase profit (the bottom line.)

Missionaries and mission strategists can learn from many of the frameworks that have been developed to measure behavior in the for-profit world. However, there is a big difference between a decision to buy an article of clothing and a decision to change your identity and put your life on the line.

What is true of people as they move through the process of a “high level decision” like coming to faith or surrendering their lives? How can we understand the kind of identity shift that happens when someone makes a more radical decision? Join Frank Preston for a fascinating look at what happens with people who follow a path to faith and belonging online.

About Frank:

Frank Preston is a veteran missionary whose current role is assisting organizations develop media strategies that lead to church planting movements. He writes for the blog Having obtained his PhD researching how Jihadis use media for “high risk recruitment,” he applies these principles in the expansion of the kingdom of God.